As technology continues its rapid march, businesses often find themselves at IT crossroads. Business needs demand efficient and scalable technology services, which public cloud services do a great job of providing. However, some businesses soon discover public cloud services are not enough; enter private cloud.

Benefits of the Private Cloud

Cloud services have been a source of much discussion in the business technology world for the past few years. Initially, the question for small businesses was, “Should we transition to cloud services or keep everything in house?” There was an idea among businesses that somehow keeping all of the information physically close, translated into more security.

Businesses quickly realized standard security with cloud services were adequate for most small to medium business needs, and have since rapidly transitioned to public cloud services. Yet, for large businesses, who have unpredictable or changing data needs, private cloud services are a better option.

Some benefits of private cloud versus public cloud are:

  • A higher degree of control over data
  • Service dedicated to a single organization
  • Proprietary system architecture
  • Greater security due to firewalls

Transitioning to the Private Cloud

Before businesses transition to the private cloud, there are a few requirements to consider. A cost-benefit analysis of these considerations will help a business determine the feasibility of that transition. The private cloud requires a business have:

  • In-house IT support
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Staffing, management and maintenance cost for in-house IT support

Since infrastructure and staffing alone can be cost prohibitive, business should also consider the possibility of the hybrid cloud. This cloud-based option allows most of the benefits of the private cloud, while using public cloud service providers.

Fortunately, as technology continues its rapid advancement, business are able to take advantage of data services that can be tailored to their specific needs. If you would like to discuss which cloud-based options may be right for your company, or to discuss any other business technology need, please contact us. As always, we look forward to any opportunity to help our clients move their businesses forward.