Oracle 12c R2 database available to on-premise

Released in 2013 to all customers (on-premise and cloud / DBaaS), 12c was available for purchase or upgrade for any customer.  However, Oracle 12C R2 is Oracle Corporation's first database release available only to database cloud (DBaaS) customers, in October 2016.  In order to boost 'cloud' revenues, the Oracle 12c R2 version was no where [...]

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The data challenge

One of the most complex and costly challenges businesses today face are the questions surrounding data. Depending upon the size of the business, data needs may vary. But, no matter the size, organizations accumulate more data sources and the task of interfacing these can still be daunting. Not only is data generated in the course [...]

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Why the private cloud?

As technology continues its rapid march, businesses often find themselves at IT crossroads. Business needs demand efficient and scalable technology services, which public cloud services do a great job of providing. However, some businesses soon discover public cloud services are not enough; enter private cloud. Benefits of the Private Cloud Cloud services have been a [...]

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Simplifying the cloud

Talk about cloud technology is everywhere. Internet and television touts its capabilities and benefits. But many people are still wondering, “What is it exactly?” The Basics Actually, the cloud is not new. In its simplest terms, cloud technology has been around a long time in the form of the internet. The cloud is simply a [...]

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4 benefits of hybrid cloud backup

You may have heard about the hybrid cloud, but you may not know exactly what it is or how it might be used in your business. As prices come down and more solutions providers appear in the market, the hybrid cloud is coming into reach for most small-to-midsize businesses. In most cases, the hybrid cloud will actually cost less than traditional solutions. If you haven’t considered a hybrid cloud solution before or want to understand the concept a little better before taking the plunge, here is some info that might help.

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