Business owner and technologist

There's a balance to be had between being a business owner and keeping up with technology. I love both. Those are the two main hats I wear, even though not all of our customers realize I have a technology background. I was using Oracle back when it still came on hard floppy disks. I started [...]

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Plan for the future, buy for the present

It's important to plan for the future. And you should be ready to invest more as you grow. But do you really need to make that investment now? Or can you wait until you really need it? Software companies are in business to make money. And the more licenses they sell you, the more money [...]

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Not everything needs to be on the cloud

It seems like I can't go online without seeing an anti-Oracle rant against their cloud solutions. Apparently Wall Street is disappointed that Oracle hasn't migrated a big portion of their customer base to the cloud. Not everything belongs on the cloud! We seem to be living on cloud nine as far as moving to the [...]

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Owning the risk is essential to success

When it comes to custom software development projects—or really any business initiative—there is a certain amount of risk involved. So when a vendor or new team member is brought on board to manage or assist with the project, who owns that risk? We've found that we work best with organizations where there is a culture [...]

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The 10% factor: taking longer than planned

Routine I.T. fixes are usually quick, whether it be at the software, middleware or database level. Experienced I.T. professional service providers have a track record and method for resolving some of the most common problems. However, sometimes despite everyone’s best efforts, the perceived simple solution becomes a time-consuming fix. This is nerve-wracking for the I.T. [...]