oracle engineered systems

Intro to Oracle Engineered Systems

The versatility of Oracle’s engineered systems address several needs within the enterprise, whether it be jumpstarting a project, building a cloud, adding much needed performance and scalability to an enterprise-wide system such as ERP or launching a new product or business line.  These hardware infrastructure systems are highly optimized and integrated across the tech stack.   In fact, the public and private Oracle Cloud is built on these high performance engineered systems.

The LSG Role

LSG is an Oracle-authorized reseller of the Oracle Database Appliance which is well suited for medium to large enterprises.  If your existing generic tech stack is in doubt or you are launching a new endeavor, we would be happy to evaluate whether the Oracle engineered system is a fit.

Use Cases of Oracle Engineered Systems

Possible complexity of migrating the entire software stack of the application and database.

Your enterprise software and database application is not as performant as required.

Your organization can not afford to worry about or deal with availability, security and scalability issues upon go-live.

You have plans to build a hybrid cloud or private cloud.

Future cloud providers building a cloud environment or need performant resources to enhance your cloud.


Oracle continues to release new generations of Exadata machines, database appliances (ODA’s), etc. while making it clear the engineered systems remain strategic due to it being the foundation of the Oracle Cloud.  For nearly 10 years, LSG has sold and supported these engineered systems.