Copies and subsets of sensitive production data continue to be proliferated across the enterprise. Your businesses’ strategic data and customers’ identities should be treated with responsibility. Many organizations are spending large amounts of man-hours year after year securing and ‘prepping’ sensitive data in non-production database environments such as Test, Training and Development . Ongoing support-enhancement projects require unplanned production copies or subsets; however, sub-setting from a production database is no easy feat. In fact, a survey, via the Database Journal, a survey for SQL Server DBA’s, indicates database cloning is one of ten DBA tasks that should be automated due to the repeated requests and effort which equates to higher costs.

Datapeers Questions

  • Does your organization need to protect and secure (de-identify) sensitive production data in your copy or subsetting process for initiatives supporting software testing, training and development?
  • Does your organization need to share its sensitive data, which could reveal confidential information in the process, to a third party?
  • Would your organization prefer to automate the cumbersome data prepping required of most production database copies?
  • Is it difficult to create a testing environment due to the complexity of the production environment?
  • Is quality software testing lacking due to inadequate test data generation?
  • Does your organization need an easier way to generate test data?
  • Does your organization require consistent transformation (de-identification) of various data attributes across the enterprise?
  • Are your training classes unexpectedly being rescheduled due to issues involved in refreshing the training database?
  • Is your organization faced with data protection laws?