Database Administrators are the keyholders to data security and day-to-day operations. In-house DBAs were once a staple among businesses, but organizations are now shifting to remote DBA services. Let’s explore what a DBA does and how you could benefit from having one on your team. 

Database Administrator job description 

The role of a Database Administrator (DBA) is not one-size-fits-all. The role is constantly evolving with technological innovations. As development platforms and user needs change, so does the work of a DBA.

Typical DBA job duties include:

  • Organize data and refine data management systems
  • Migrate older databases to newer releases
  • Protect data security and address cybersecurity issues as they arise
  • Monitor software and patch as needed
  • Establish automated data backups and 24/7 support
  • Create and follow-through with emergency recovery plans
  • Identify each organization’s needs and provide solutions to address them

Many DBAs work remotely now, but there is still a need for in-office DBAs. Job duties may vary slightly depending on if the work is cloud-based or on-prem.

What are the requirements to become a DBA?

Most entry-level DBA positions require a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, or a related field. However, some professionals enter this field with a master’s degree, and others have no formal education at all. 

Regardless of their educational foundation, all DBAs must remain up-to-date with changes related to their specialty. This may involve researching an upcoming long-term release or learning about the newest coding platforms. Knowledgeable DBAs can quickly troubleshoot and create solutions to protect their client’s sensitive information. 

Where to find a DBA near you

If you’re looking for a DBA for your business, focus on a provider that aligns with your needs. For instance, some DBAs specialize in application development or system management. Understand what you’re looking for, and then find an experienced specialist to assist you. 

LSG Solutions offers local and remote DBA services. Our company is based in Oklahoma City, but we service many organizations throughout the country. Reach out to learn more about our database management solutions. 

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