We continue to work with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections on improvements to their Sex Offender Registry system, which allows law enforcement and the general public better and quicker access to data.

Streamlined review process

We’ve continued system and process improvement efforts designed to require less user input, which means a streamlined review process for any new data on any sex offender in the system.

One of the things the system does is sync up nightly with the national database, SORNA. By streamlining the review process, data is available on a nationwide basis quicker than it was before, and the data is actually better.

Better public communication

For the public, there are a couple changes rolling out. First is the responsive website we’ve talked about before. This means that you’ll be able to access the public facing tool easily from your mobile phone and tablet.

Second is modifications to the email notifications. Since those were a new addition to the system since we started working with ODOC, they’ve now gone through a revision and improvement process. They’ll be a lot easier to read primarily due to some formatting changes.

Better law enforcement communication

Finally, we’re making some changes that should translate to a higher volume and quality of data by communicating better with the law enforcement users of the system.

Up to this point, there’s never been an easy way for the FBI, special investigators, private investigators, and so on to get notifications when they log in or even mass emails. So we’re adding both of those capabilities into the system.

These changes will help the public and law enforcement with better, more up-to-date data that provides more peace of mind in the process.

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