Internal Affairs Investigation

Initiate a new IA investigation. The user will enter initial case information identifying date, type of incident, known suspect(s), victim(s), witness, staff or inmate involved, and the assigned investigator. Initiating a new investigation includes investigative notes, interview statements, audio and video files, photographs, and completed forms associated with the investigation, i.e., photo logs, chain of custody, etc., either manually produced by the investigator, or provided within the Internal Affairs application, and the final investigative report. The application provides the user the ability to make chronological entries documenting specific events or progress applicable to the case by date and time.

Preliminary Inquires

Initiate a new PI investigation. A PI number will be automatically assigned to the new inquiry. Key attributes are collected and managed for ongoing gathered intelligence, persons of interest, and additional information that might lead to the initiation of a Internal Affairs Investigation.

Background Investigations

Initiate a new Background investigation. The LSG system accommodates applicable data fields for gathering special intelligence centered around the background investigation such as subject information and other pertinent investigative findings.


Gang management plays an integral part in ensuring the safe and orderly operation of any prison facility. The LSG system allows the user to access a drop down screen that will identify by name those gangs currently monitored at any given facility. The user may access a gang name such as “Latin Kings” which will open a main page for Latin Kings at that facility. The main page will include general information and common identifiers along with allies and enemies of that group. The user will access a members/associate button, which will produce a list of names and DOC numbers of those inmates within the Latin Kings at that facility. The user will then be able to access each individual name which will in turn, provide the user with detailed general information, photographs, identifiers, and pertinent information pertaining to the individuals position within with the group if known. The user will be able to access every known gang within the facility using this same method.

Phone Number Search

Search Illicit criminal activity by inmates is commonly enhanced by an inmates ability to communicate directly with their known crime associates by telephone. The LSG system allows the user to access the facilities inmate phone monitoring system and search by inmate name and DOC number or by individual phone number to determine links between inmate phone lists and accounts. In addition, if the data is available, this option will allow the user the ability to link inmate phone numbers to individual facility staff extensions.

Inmate Visiting List

Inmate visitation allows an inmate to communicate more directly with associates without direct monitoring capabilities from prison authorities. This option will allow the user to enter an inmates name and DOC number and access the inmates approved visitation list. This option will further allow the user to cross reference visitors names and addresses to determine links between visitors and multiple inmates which might indicate illicit and illegal activity.

Inmate Accounts

The ability to track inmate spending habits and trends can allow an investigator to foresee potential uprisings or illegal activity perpetrated by one or more inmates. This option allows your agency access to the Offender Banking System in order to monitor and assess overall inmate sales for any period of time, along with individual inmate accounts and transactions. This option will allow the user to cross reference inmate banking account information against other inmates accounts to determine possible links that would indicate illicit activities.


The culmination of daily information provided staff and inmates can provide an investigator with valuable leads into current investigations or develop into new investigations. This option will allow the user to store intelligence gathered pertaining to individual inmates of interest. The user may enter addresses, phone numbers, nick names, or other information that may be discovered that would not normally be found in the inmates files. This intelligence can be crossed referenced between inmates to determine links and associates between inmates of interest.


Fugitives within the community pose a potentially serious threat to residence as well as law enforcement officials. This option will allow the user to access all pending and closed fugitive case files. Within pending cases, the user will be able to access or enter additional up to the minute leads and intelligence that might result in an apprehension. In addition, the user can access closed cases for comparison, which might indicate a trend in modes of escape or weakness within a facility that resulted in escapes.