From time to time in the past we’ve had clients get caught up on using specific technologies or not using specific technologies, regardless of how it affects their budget and other priorities. That way of thinking will get in the way of your new system going live.

It doesn’t matter if they bought a pre-built system online. They always want more for less, and it’s usually things that don’t really matter.

Think about buying a house. What’s really more important? Is the carpet color or type of tile the most important factor? Most likely not. Is the color of the brick? No. Is the current paint color going to make or break the deal? Of course not.

With custom software, it’s really all about how it was designed structurally. Can the vendor help you prioritize things? Will you listen to them when they’re helping you? If I had someone develop software for me, I would only hire them if I respect them as a trusted advisor and would listen to them.

Any project will have issues regardless of the specific technology. How you handle those issues is more important than which technology you’re using to accomplish things. Today there are many different proven options from a technology standpoint. They’re all a little different, but in many ways they’re all really the same.

It’s not really about what technology you’re going to use. How are you going to adapt to it? How are you going to implement it? How are you going to communicate the changes with all parties involved? Is it going to appeal to your customer base?

The technology involved should not be a top priority, as long as it will get the job done. Your priority should be proper handling of all the other factors involved.

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