Organizations want to see results of their investment early rather than later.  Our typical customer seeks to dramatically reduce the risk in their software development life cycle. Oracle Application Express (APEX) allows LSG to rapidly deliver web-based business-driven database systems internally and public-facing.   High ROI cost-effective custom software applications are developed in a rapid, sophisticated manner where the end result is a modern web browser solution for desktops and mobile devices.

A few aspects of our Oracle APEX technology capabilities …

  • Robust combination = Mobile Application + Office desktop Application + Cloud + Database
  • Cloud Deployment OR internally-managed options
  • Application Support option via LSG’s Managed Services
  • Solutions& Architecture for all sizes of organizations.


LSG Solutions provides full spectrum APEX development with all the optional and mandatory skills such as:

  • User-Interface Design
  • Database Design & Development
  • Web Service Integration
  • PL/SQL Business Logic
  • Security Integration

Does your organization have departmental survival systems built in Microsoft Access?  – Oracle APEX has a built-in tool for easily migrating Microsoft Access applications to modern web development standards and happier end-users.

Does your organization still run legacy applications built in Oracle Forms and Reports?
LSG leverages Oracle low-level migration functionality to modernize your legacy Oracle Forms and Reports system whether it be desktop or mobile user interfaces.

Does your organization plan to build modern customizations in the Oracle E-business Suite?
Oracle Whitepaper – Building customizations in the Oracle E-business Suite using Oracle Application Express / APEX – April 2019 Revision 3.03

Other Technical Aspects

  • Innovative reporting solutions integrated or developed with Oracle APEX
  • Apache / Mod_JK / APEX Listener integration for advanced web server capabilities
  • Glassfish, Tomcat and Weblogic installation and configurations.
  • For Web developers, Oracle APEX is Jquery, Jquery Mobile, HTML5 and CSS3 friendly and ready.
  • For UIX designers, provide us your template and we’ll integrate your design.
Oracle Application Express