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Are your developers spending time on the right things?

If you talk to your development team, you may be surprised to find how little time they actually get to commit to writing code. Meetings and other non-technical tasks are a big part of your developers’ work day. Some of that can’t be fixed. But thing you can do to help your developers be more productive is take some of the technical burden off them and let them focus on what their best at - writing software.

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What to expect when doing business with us

How many times have you talked to a salesperson and immediately regretted picking up the phone? The salesperson you spoke with probably didn’t let you talk very much and just powered through with a presentation of whatever they were trying to sell. This situation seems especially common in tech sales. Without knowing anything about your business, the salesperson promises a solution. And in the event you actually wind up buying from them, you may discover six months down the road that what you’ve been sold isn’t actually what you needed. That’s how a lot of tech sales work, but it’s not how we work.

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