We sometimes get asked if we do microsoft.net development, and the answer is yes! We’ve actually been doing microsoft.net development for a long time, in addition to development with other software systems.

Yes, we’re an official Oracle reseller and do a lot of development using those tools, but that’s not all we do. Our goal is to match the needs of our clients with the software system that fits them best.

Most companies have invested in a particular software system or setup, and when they look at options to expand their technology, they want to stay within that same system. Here are a few things to consider related to choosing that system.

Internal skills and comfort level

We partner with companies on software development, but the ongoing upkeep in many cases is the responsibility of the internal team. That means it’s critically important to evaluate the existing skills and comfort level before adding any new software. We’ve worked with many clients who had a high level of comfort with microsoft.net, which means that’s what we used to expand their systems.

What you need to accomplish

Any software development project should start with a discussion of the ultimate goal for what you need the system to accomplish. The end goal can be drastically different from one company to the next and one project to the next. That’s why multiple software development options exist! They all serve different needs in terms of goals and budget.

Over the years, we’ve designed and developed some incredibly robust systems for our clients using microsoft.net. It’s a powerful environment, and it can be customized to meet a lot of needs.

Ease of implementation

One of the reasons microsoft.net became popular is its ease of implementation. It doesn’t require a lot of crazy licensing steps, which means Microsoft made it easy for developers to get started. They even offered free scaled-down versions that still had a decent amount of functionality when it first came out. The ease of implementation certainly factors in for a lot of users.

There are some people in the IT world who like to engage in database wars about which platform is better than the others, but we don’t get into that. Our goal is to create the right system to fit our client’s needs, and microsoft.net is one of many options we have to do that.

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