Ranging from Virtualized solutions that eliminate Administration impediments to ‘Dashboarding’ your organization around Sharepoint, LSG’s offerings start from the essential Data Model to Service Oriented Process-driven .NET software applications to finally, your organization answering important business questions that equate to favorable ROI, whether social or financial. Click here to download a pdf brochure of LSG’s Microsoft solutions capabilities.

  • .NET Modernization of Legacy Applications (VB6, Winforms, etc)
  • .NET Web Development
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server
  • Performance Point Server 2007
  • Project Virtualization with VMware and Hyper-V
  • SQL Server Database Administration
  • Database Continuity
  • SQL Server Analytical Services (SSAS)
  • Database and UML Modeling
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Third-party Controls – Telerik, Infragistics
  • IIS Administration – .NET Application-related

To support our Microsoft Solutions our Oklahoma City staff includes SQL Server DBA’s, .Net Architects, and Dot Net Developers.

Data Modeling with SQL Server

Modeling the flow of information through enterprise operations is a foundation stone for successful information management. Microsoft SQL Server is widely adopted as an enterprise relational database, and LSG is ready to help you capitalize on this complete data management system. In our hands, SQL Server is a flexible modeling tool that can scale into an intelligent data repository supporting complex .NET Framework 4.x applications. LSG can provide immediate value to an organization seeking to better exploit the internal capabilities of the SQL database engine, such as using schemas, views, functions, and procedures to establish an intelligent repository.

Web Development with .NET Framework

The challenge in web development today is to leverage the new technologies exposed by Visual Studio 2010 that increase productivity and decrease development timelines, such as SOA and WCF, while maintaining the integrity of your application in terms of scalability, maintainability, and extensibility. The only model that we understand for achieving this outcome is deliberative, where we work with you iteratively and incrementally to condition your investment in custom software. We can help you retain the control you lose when you out-source it, or even when you in-source it, by becoming your ‘local-source’ partner for custom .NET database application development.

Data Integration with Integration Services

Microsoft includes SQL Integration Services as part of the SQL Server package for migrating and converting data from one environment to another. Integration Services provides a graphical interface for scripting the movement and processing of data, such as from a legacy system to a new SQL Server database, or an accounting system to an Analysis Services data warehouse. One of LSG’s more recent projects put this product to the test by successfully migrating gigabytes of data from a mainframe format to a custom relational schema, and we are ready to leverage this experience and our expertise with SQL processing to integrate your organization.

Reports / Dashboard with Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services has evolved over many years to readily handle the intricacies of desktop reporting, and has a low cost of ownership as a server-based reporting infrastructure for the enterprise. LSG can help you to integrate scalable reporting within web applications without a dedicated report server and zero-license cost. We can also help you serve reports on demand in a rich web environment as a companion to your SQL Server installation. We are experts at duplicating Excel charts in custom reports, and would like to help you imagine a dashboard that gives you the visuals you need to run your business.

Business Intelligence with LSG

What is Business Intelligence? Some would say ‘a very expensive thing to try to do.’ LSG can help you throttle this expense by channeling Microsoft’s .NET Framework 4.x technologies and SQL Server services into your organization in a way that aggregates and summarizes your data in a cost-effective implementation. Our eye is on an identifiable, near-term return on investment, with a low cost of ownership. We can think in dimensions, and help you create a data warehouse with SQL Analysis Services for slicing and dicing. If you need something simpler (less heady), we can leverage the .NET / SQL assets you have today.

Project Management with Team Foundation Server

Project management in information technology can be difficult to get right. Too much of ‘it’ interferes with rapid response times and unnecessarily delays the return on investment from custom software development. Too little leads to the IT department’s version of an expensive paper weight that no one wants on their desk. When the level of project management is just right, it often depends on heroic individual effort that cannot be duplicated. LSG believes that active project management is not only essential, but made much easier to integrate into the workflow of software development by Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server 2010. LSG has tamed this beast, and is ready to help you capitalize on the industry-standard ‘Agile’ approach to software development by implementing a template within TFS customized for your organization.

Project Virtualization with VMware and Hyper-V

What are the impediments in your organization to implementing the latest Microsoft software? 64-bit only? Procuring and administering servers? Potentially disturbing mission critical configurations? LSG is an expert at virtualizing the software development and delivery process, so that the solution we design for you can co-exist with your existing infrastructure, painlessly and effortlessly. Microsoft has lowered the barrier-to-entry for custom development to a near-zero license cost, expecting that as your organization grows you will scale into their licensed product lines. LSG is ready to help you capitalize on this windfall by integrating virtualization software with the engagement from the beginning, allowing us to deliver using the entry product line, or demonstrate using evaluation versions of the full line, with the simple integration of a virtual image into your environment.