Once a business or organization reaches a certain size, it needs a dedicated IT department. This used to involve hiring an in-office Database Administrator (DBA), but many companies are now outsourcing their DBA services. Should you hire an in-office DBA? Can DBAs work remotely without sacrificing efficiency? Let’s take a closer look at your options. 

The benefit to having an in-office DBA

The primary reason organizations are drawn to having an in-office DBA is because it ensures they have that person’s complete attention. The DBA solely handles operations for that company, which seems ideal at first glance. 

Many of our clients came to LSG Solutions because they were experiencing high DBA turnover rates. The truth is that an experienced professional is likely to get lucrative offers from other firms, which may sway their loyalty to your company. This leads to higher downtime, lower productivity, and a never-ending cycle of interviewing/hiring. 

The downside of in-office DBA vs. remote database management

DBAs can work remotely, and many of them do nowadays! Remote database management is secure, effective, and often more efficient than in-office solutions. You don’t have to worry about turnovers or stressful delays. You’ll have an entire team available for 24/7 support and security. 

Furthermore, remote database management gives you access to senior-level DBAs without paying the price to have one in-house. LSG Solutions has master DBAs with well over a decade in database management. Our DBA services can supplement your in-house IT department or replace it entirely. Best of all, we operate on a fixed fee that will likely lower your overhead. 

What about a hybrid solution?

You don’t have to choose between in-office and remote DBA services. You could have a combination of the two. LSG Solutions will create a personalized plan to fit your needs. Perhaps you want a more experienced DBA on hand when your in-office DBA is out of his or her depths. Maybe you want a team to train your existing staff members and optimize performance. No matter your goals, we have an adaptive solution that’s right for you.

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