While the technology solutions we provide here at LSG Solutions often include deploying new systems, we often help clients migrate their legacy systems to modern platforms. Those migrations address challenges that new systems often aren’t concerned with.

Internal IT teams are often consumed with the ongoing maintenance of such legacy systems and the support needed by users. As they start to hit a technology wall, the support needs increase; therefore, the time and workforce available to make a significant change aren’t available.

Often, a transformation in the business itself can necessitate more modern capabilities and user experiences as well. Once again, time and workforce are still limited, so pulling in a third party like LSG Solutions to help can be highly beneficial.

Other times, the support team that managed a legacy system will be approaching retirement, and the required skill set doesn’t exist in younger IT professionals.

That is where LSG Solutions steps in. One area we specialize in is upgrading legacy systems. We consider the current—sometimes brand new—business processes, functionality needs, modern user interface capabilities, and available resources.

Need your younger IT staff to support the system on an ongoing basis? We can take that into account. Have a recent business change that requires the new system to function differently? We can handle that.

Above all else, we ensure that the new, modern system is set up for the future so that it does not quickly become a legacy system itself. In the end, we overcome the challenges unique to a legacy system migration.

Have a legacy system that you need to be migrated to a more modern solution? The professionals at LSG Solutions would be happy to talk with you to see if we can help.

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