We’re ready to take our relationship to the next step

Choosing a backup and recovery partner is a lot like choosing your partner for life. You're looking for someone to be by your side in the best and worst of times. Sometimes, it even can feel like a competition to get the best backup provider. You need a strong partner [...]

LSG Solutions announces biz-E line of business – Part 1

Small businesses often find that the software solutions they need to fill a specialized technology gap in their operations can be relatively expensive. From data integration issues to routine maintenance, many small business owners feel trapped by how many much time managing the necessary software requires. Many smaller businesses rely on Microsoft Access and Microsoft [...]

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Small businesses need big solutions

As a managed service provider, LSG works with businesses in a variety of industries to creatively solve problems by drawing upon years of technological expertise. Having IT assistance reliably available, especially for a small business, can mean the difference between a productive week and a week of inoperable systems and unhappy customers. Not everyone is [...]

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