You just found out that your new application needs to be up and running in six months. So now you’re scrambling to get everything in place in time. Researching, sourcing, and purchasing infrastructure for your application is going to eat into a big portion of your timeline. So what can you do to speed the process up?

If you’re in this situation, an Oracle Database Appliance may the right solution for you.

An application platform in a box

Oracle’s Database Appliance (ODA) is a great option for companies that need to roll out new database and application infrastructure quickly. Instead of having to research and source each hardware component, and then making sure that the solution you’ve built can be certified for Oracle’s support, the appliances include everything you need to get up and running as a single purchase.

With their appliances, Oracle has implemented a number of quick start technologies that enable us to bring a fully functional networked database environment online in just a few hours rather than the days required to build a traditional environment.

Flexible, with room to grow

Past the short-term benefits, the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) provide a solid foundation that’s scalable and solid enough to keep up with your needs in the months and years after deployment. All of the included hardware is assembled with growth and dependability in mind.

Both physical and virtual servers within the ODA are configured for high availability clustering upon delivery. The chassis is also built to handle future upgrades so that you can purchase only the horsepower you need and scale up over time.

All-in-all, it’s a high-availability platform capable of high-uptime and more flexibility than you might expect from an appliance-based solution. Even if you grow your storage past the max configuration, you can utilized network attached storage or shares to augment the appliance.


Normally speed, flexibility, and dependability have a high price tag, but Oracle’s Database Appliance are surprisingly affordable and available for significantly less than competing solutions from companies like IBM.

While pricing is generally straightforward, there are a number of options to consider depending on the needs of your application, so your best bet is to give us a call to find out a.) if an Oracle Database Appliance is the right fit for your application, and b.) which configuration would best fit your business needs.