Building solid infrastructure is expensive. In many cases, high availability and reliability is outside the reach of small government and business budgets. Even when organizations can afford robust infrastructure, they’re often forced to buy more than they need because of minimum configuration requirements.

Oracle’s cloud solutions remove the barriers of high cost and complexity to give small organizations access to a dependable, growth-ready platform that can scale as small or as big as needed.

Enterprise-class dependability and availability

Some of the most common complaints we hear from the customers of small organizations are that the application they use is “always down”, or it’s “slow”. Given the realities of limited budgets, there used to not be a whole lot an organization could do to help improve these situations.

Outside of making significant investments in infrastructure, re-writing applications to be more resilient or efficient is usually expensive as well and has inherent limits. An application can only reach certain levels of efficiency before diminishing returns kick in.

Now that cloud infrastructure has matured, small governments and businesses have new options to get around their budgetary limits. Migrating from in-house to cloud-based hosting give these organizations access to availability and performance normally reserved for high-dollar enterprise infrastructure.

Leveraging the scale of big datacenters and cloud hosting providers, organizations can make their customers happy without breaking the bank.

You’ve got options

Competition among cloud vendors is now driving prices down even further and vendors are offering new features and functionality all the time in order to woo new customers. For several years one of the only options for cloud-based Oracle hosting was Amazon EC2. But other vendors have since begun offering Oracle hosting and Oracle itself now offers a cloud-solution.

Pricing models vary from vendor to vendor, but most options provide flexibility. Some vendors charge per concurrent connect, while others charge for data transfer, processing time, or hourly uptime.

The specifics of your application and how it is used will guide you toward the model that bets suits your situation. And if you’re unsure which vendor or pricing model is right for you, we can help you identify the right offering for your organization.

We can also help with the setup and configuration of the Oracle cloud solution you ultimately settle on. Once the application is up and running we offer maintenance services to keep everything working smoothly.

So before you spend a lot on buying servers and other internal infrastructure, give us a call to see if cloud-based Oracle hosting might be the best option for you.