Oracle ODA X6 and SMB affordability

Small and medium businesses have unique database needs. In the past, business owners were priced out of robust appliance applications. But a new option from Oracle is changing that. This summer, Oracle unveiled a new database appliance specifically for small businesses; the Oracle Database Appliance X6. This is a new version of still-current appliance, the [...]

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Upgraded Oracle Database Appliance: ODA X5-2

We talked last year about Oracle's solution for companies that need to roll out a new database and application infrastructure quickly, Oracle’s Database Appliance (ODA). It utilizes a number of technologies that make it a highly intelligent solution for large networks. We're committed to the ODA as a solution when it is a good fit, and are now offering the recently released ODA X5-2.

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Need a database application, fast?

You just found out that your new application needs to be up and running in six months. So now you’re scrambling to get everything in place in time. Researching, sourcing, and purchasing infrastructure for your application is going to eat into a big portion of your timeline. So what can you do to speed the [...]

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