At LSG Solutions, for years our focus has been on mission-critical, enterprise-class, professional software solutions for medium to large corporations and public sector entities. However, were were also uniquely positioned to see the needs in the SMB market. As a result, we created our biz-E line of I.T. services less than 10 years ago.

What issues do biz-E I.T. services solve?

Many small and medium businesses need a professional enterprise-level approach for their database systems, but simply don’t have the same budget as much larger organizations.

Naturally, many in the SMB market opted to invest in software solutions (SaaS) online that gave them quick results at a modest budget. However, these solutions frequently create data integration point issues.

As a result, the server database that is part of the software solution needs routine support, as do the desktops accessing the server. And not only do your data and software need protection, but they need to align with your business processes. Due to LSG’s experience with medium to large corporations, we were able to begin providing our biz-E line of business to support SaaS options, many in the SMB market use.

Let’s face it, most in the SMB market don’t use a full time administrator. But at the same time, the technology is often too complex to handle internally.

That’s where biz-E steps in. Our managed I.T. services allow you to focus on your products or services instead of your I.T. infrastructure. We manage your devices, databases, networks and the cloud. We provide affordable, cash flow-friendly fixed cost services.

How to contact biz-E

If you’d like to know more, you can connect with us online, visit our website, or just call us.

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