Small businesses often find that the software solutions they need to fill a specialized technology gap in their operations can be relatively expensive. From data integration issues to routine maintenance, many small business owners feel trapped by how many much time managing the necessary software requires.

Many smaller businesses rely on Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel for database technology.  But once those technologies no longer can accommodate the needs of the business, frustration grows among the users and the executive relying on the small databases to make decisions.  These systems are typically referred to as home-grown systems.  Managing I.T. issues internally takes up time that could otherwise be spent growing a business.  Often, they hire a full-time resource to manage these small databases when in reality, if they were developed correctly with the right automation and self-service, they would not need a full-time resource for operation and maintenance.

Our clients, still today, were investing in software solutions (SaaS) via the internet that quickly enabled the HR, CRM, Sales and Accounting functions of the company but created data integration point issues. Eventually, this service-based solution with inexpensive database software was morphed with the small business’s office I.T. support. Through the database and software services that LSG Solutions was already doing for medium and large Oklahoma businesses, we determined that there was a significant need for those services on a small-business scale. We were uniquely positioned to meet that need, and created a new branch of LSG Solutions to do it: biz-E.

In 2009, we gave biz-E an identity without any marketing.  That is another story another day.  It was designed to provide small businesses with a professional, enterprise-level approach for their database systems that fit their budgetary needs.  Secure database systems that should be accessible via your mobile phone or tablet without being in the office can be very affordable per the biz-E approach.   A biz-E solution that has local recognition is the BC Clark Pray for Rain campaign.  Brothers, Coleman and Mitchell Clark, needed a multi-user, web application requiring authentication for data collection and analytics of their newlywed customers; essentially a CRM subset.

Eventually, this service-based solution with inexpensive database software was morphed into small business office I.T. support. The database servers needed routine support and the desktops accessing the servers did so too.  Eventually biz-E was keeping  little issues from becoming expensive problems.   Services include I.T. maintenance, proactive monitoring, and mobile device management, along with business continuity via backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Our expertise and industry knowledge allow us to provide high-quality information technology management for small businesses in an economical manner. Since LSG Solutions is a small business too, we can help small business owners identify how to use technology to promote growth and cut costs.

Visit our website to learn more about biz-E’s enterprise-level software management for small businesses.

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