You may remember that LSG Solutions has been involved in improving the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry. In order to provide more security and timely accurate information to the public, the site now offers improved features.

Changes in sex offender registration laws are reflected in the information on the site. Also, new features allow law enforcement officers to update sex offender’s information in a timely manner.

For law enforcement officers and personnel, new account approval has been streamlined. Instead of having to call and get approval over the phone, law enforcement personnel can now apply for an account on the website.

A self-service feature also allows law enforcement and correctional facilities to change the status of an offender. For example, if an offender has been released from prison, an officer can change his/her status to show they are now active (upon record approval by the Department of Corrections Sex Offender Unit). This feature gives the public much more timely, up-to-date information.

The biggest overhaul to the system has come as a result of a 2013 court case, Starkey V. Oklahoma Department of Corrections. In that decision, the court said a sex offender’s registration period could not be extended retroactively. Sex offender’s registration period should be consistent with any registration that was required at the time of their conviction.

Since the decision, Oklahoma Department of Corrections began the process of auditing all sex offender files and making corrections where needed. This is an ongoing process, as new sex offenders are added to the registry, and offenders without a lifelong registry requirement are removed.

Also, in the legislative session of 2013, Senate Bill 889 was passed. Now, if an offender does not verify their address within 45 days, the offender will be subjected to additional time on the registry. This closes a major loophole of non-compliant sex offenders considering their neglect previously had no impact on their registration end-date.

All of these changes and upgrades mean more accurate and timely information for the public. Added security means users can search the website from any device and know their information is protected. LSG Solutions is proud to partner on this project with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections to provide factual and vital information to the public.