With the help of PeopleSoft and the tech experts here at LSG Solutions, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) is getting a substantial upgrade to their budgeting system. The agency now has the ability to review financial data in real time and make rapid decisions when new funding is available.

A change long overdue 

OKDHS was operating on a rather antiquated financial management platform that was not designed for today’s fast-paced, data-rich world. When a new CFO came to the agency, it became abundantly clear that it was time for a change. The COVID-19 pandemic added to the push, with new expenditures arising on a daily basis. The agency struggled to accurately evaluate their budgeting issues, and they set out for a modernized solution. 

Making the switch to PeopleSoft

LSG Solutions helped OKDHS transition from the outdated AS/400 platform to PeopleSoft. This multi-month transition involved extensive data mining and organization to ensure the new system was properly optimized. We used Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) to securely collect, store, and sort data from AS/400 and create a roadmap for financial management moving forward. 

New visualizations provide an in-depth view of all financial data

With their updated dashboard, OKDHS can see sophisticated drilldowns of their financial data. They can quickly view surface-level information, and then go down into intricate detail for expenditures, revenue and much more. This is data interpretation that they’ve never had access to, and it provides the ideal foundation for rapid decisions. In the ever-changing environment of a worldwide pandemic, this level of flexibility is vital. 

We’ve created a data warehouse designed for rick analytics and visualizations. Like many organizations, OKDHS does not always know the state of their funding at the beginning of the year. Our system allows them to quickly input funding as it arrives so they can adjust their budget accordingly. They can see how much money they have to work with versus what they’re actually spending and incorporate daily updates as needed. 

Furthermore, we’ve simplified the user interface so this vast amount of data is digestible. If there is room for improvement in an area of the budget, it will be apparent early on. Problems are easier to solve and prevent when you can catch them from the start. OKDHS now has the tools to do that. 

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