Last year, the Department of Justice issued nearly $1.2 million to Oklahoma agencies to improve sex offender registry and tracking systems. This includes $399,047 for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. LSG Solutions is currently in the beginning stages of implementing these modernization efforts and improving the user experience for law enforcement officials. 

Meeting SORNA requirements

The primary purpose of the grants is to keep Oklahoma’s systems compliant with the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA). This is a national sex offender registration system that tightens regulations from prior laws and ensures consistency on a national level. All 50 states, principle U.S. territories, and federally recognized Native American tribes must comply with SORNA guidelines. 

Streamlined communication for law enforcement jurisdictions 

In the updated sex offender registry system, individual lawn enforcement jurisdictions will have the ability to update their location, contact information, points of contact, and other pertinent information. The existing system does not always allow for real-time contact updates, preventing relevant parties from getting important updates, statute changes, procedural changes, and more. If a law enforcement official moves to a new jurisdiction, his or her contact info may not populate right away. The updated system will speed up the process and give individual offices the power to update their own information. 

Multiple notification options

The expanded features also include improved notification settings. Most adults are bombarded with emails daily. Vital communications can get lost in a sea of spam and promotions. With the updated app, users will see a bell notification, popup, or some other form of alert so they can quickly review changes within the system. 

This is similar to how many mobile banking apps alert customers of app and service improvements. Users may not always see an email, but they are likely to see a notification within the app itself. 

Straightforward training for new and existing users

To help new law enforcement officials transition to using the sex offender registry, the updated platform will include simplified training steps with informative explanations on how to input and review data. Even if an officer isn’t “computer savvy,” he or she will feel empowered to use the new system effectively. 

LSG Solutions will continue to provide innovative solutions for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and other statewide agencies in accordance with developing community needs. 

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