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Sex Offender Notifications

Over the past few years, we have continued to update Oklahoma's Sex Offender Registry. We have worked to ensure the system is current and easy to access. We believe it not only keeps the community informed, but also provides people peace of mind. One of the features we're particularly proud of is the email alerts. [...]

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How we help the public sector

Even though they face many of the same problems as private institutions, government agencies are often ignored by technology companies. Where the needs are different, commercial products often don’t fit - leaving public entities in a tough spot. Seeing how much the public sector was underserved, we made a commitment to helping local and state governments get the solutions and attention they need. We’re happy to fill the gap and help public agencies make full use of technology.

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Why the Oklahoma Violent Offender Registry Needs Your Help

The public reaction to the updated Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry (OSOR) has been overwhelmingly positive but one question keeps coming up across social media and the web: "So there's a registry for sex offenders. Why isn't there one for murderers?" Actually, there is. Violent offender registries haven't received support at the federal level, but the [...]

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Keeping Up With the Industry: LSG Solutions Visits the Oklahoma CIO Symposium

In August, our team attended the Oklahoma CIO Symposium in Tulsa, OK, a yearly event put together by Information Systems Leadership of Oklahoma (ISLOK) and Tulsa CIO Forum to offer Oklahoma IT leaders a chance to get together and learn from each other's successes and mistakes. It was a big honor to be asked to [...]

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