Your business is growing, but you feel like you’re being held back by poor support from your technology vendors. You’ve had support tickets sitting in queue for months and your account rep won’t call you back. Oddly enough, you still get their bills and advertisements for additional services.

It’s a frustrating situation that we see all too often – big name vendors ignoring their smaller customers after promising to help them grow. Luckily, we’re able to help.

Better service, closer to home

After spending five years feeling ignored and frustrated with Oracle’s On Demand hosting solution, FreeFromIT, makers of, came to us looking for help.

Instead of selling FreeFromIT on the services we offered, we listened to what they needed – a more responsive, flexible solution to let them grow their product, and working together with local hosting provider, Perimeter Technology, we were able to provide a solution that was a custom-fit to those needs.

After migrating their application databases to the new platform we provided a support package that included our Remote Control database service so that we could support’s 24/7 environment and ensure that it’s users, K-12 teachers, students, and parents, experienced minimal downtime.

In addition to proactive support, we adapted our support services to handle the specific needs of FreeFromIT’s business, providing additional support during critical workload peaks and close outs – the type of support they had been unable to get from Oracle’s hosting team.

Enabling growth

By providing clients like FreeFromIT with stable database environments and supporting those environments with Remote Control, we’ve seen their businesses grow more easily as a direct result.

We actively keep the databases healthy in addition to monitoring them and provide version/release upgrades and patching. The proactive support we provide prevents outages and enables our client’s DBAs to focus on high-priority, revenue generating projects instead of housekeeping.

Some clients even use Remote Control as their senior-level coverage to help mentor junior staff, sharing knowledge that may lead to new development ideas and efficiency gains.

This all adds up to less staff, lower costs, and fewer roadblocks to growth.