In fast-paced environments like manufacturing, reporting can be a pain. Isolated systems for control, accounting, order entry, and QA lead to a lot of manual work and prevent business owners from having an comprehensive real-time view of their business.

Problems aren’t identified until days (or weeks!) after they’ve occurred and opportunities to increase efficiency are overlooked because staff are focused on just getting the reports produced instead of performing meaningful analysis.

Thankfully, an affordable solution is available.

A better solution

In the past, the solution for automated, real-time reporting was to invest in an expensive, integrated ERP software package. However, these systems are normally cumbersome and take even more investment to be closely shaped to the business’ needs. Even then, they rarely match exact needs.

Rather than deal with the burden and hassle of an integrated system, most manufacturing businesses choose to use several independent systems, and compromise with the loss of global, real-time reporting.

Multipeers provides a solution that gives businesses the best of both worlds – the flexibility and cost savings of independent systems paired with the reporting power of a completely integrated system.

Middleware to the rescue

Multipeers is a powerful middleware package that can bring together reporting information from each independent system in real-time. It gives business owners an immediate global view of their business activity.

The automation provided by Multipeers also does away with much of the work needed to cobble together spreadsheets with reports from different systems and frees up staff to do other, more high-value work.

But where Multipeers really excels is its detection and reaction capabilities. Since events are tracked in real time, alerts can be configured to highlight critical issues. Maybe inventory replenishment isn’t keeping up with sales or cost-per-unit doubled in the last hour. Everyone who needs to know about the issue can be notified and there’s even workflow capability to make sure the appropriate employees follow up and take action.

If you’ve been struggling with reporting and are looking for a single point of control for all your business’ activities, Multipeers can deliver.