Are you sick and tired of training your DBA’s, then watching them leave? You’re not alone. Nobody wants to constantly be training new DBA’s, have them around for just a short period of time, then watch them leave.

Fortunately, that brain drain is one of the primary problems LSG Solutions help companies in Oklahoma and surrounding states address.

Many times, database administrators move around from company to company. They really want to be challenged by the work they’re doing. If there aren’t many new projects, they get bored. They want to experiment and learn with new technology.

Essentially, they are constantly concerned that they may be getting rusty. Playing with those new technologies lets them keep their skills sharp. The issue is that if you don’t have that kind of dynamic environment, and you keep hiring good DBA’s, you’ll keep losing them. If they’re good, they know the only way to stay fresh is to be somewhere they can learn those new skills.

LSG Solutions can help retain those employees by taking care of the mundane, routine database monitoring that bores your DBA. We continually monitor and review your production database environment with the goal of proactively identifying and eliminating factors that tend to end up causing issues.

We have over 10 years of DBA success, and can provide you with senior-level production support coverage on a fixed fee basis.

When you have us do that monitoring instead of your DBA, it frees him up to be constantly challenged with more interesting projects. And since he’s working on more interesting projects, he’s much less likely to leave you for greener pastures.

If you’ve been frustrated by high DBA turnover, contact us at 405-285-2500 or at to see if we’re a good fit for your DBA needs.