LSG Solutions, L.L.C., a professional services firm specializing in the integration and implementation of technology-focused business solutions, has joined IT PEERS’ sales and delivery channel as a premium partner.  IT PEERS’ products focus on company accountability down to the customer data level.  MULTIPEERS resolves the 10+ year old web issue of passive self-service software solutions that do not effectively push data out to key decisions makers and operations. DATAPEERS addresses the fact that too many companies are mishandling their sensitive back-office and customer data. Alan Sheppard, LSG President along with Mark Musser, Director of Business Development, believe IT PEERS solutions will create a new standard of communication, accountability and security for its customers and surrounding market.

Per Sheppard, “Organizations require better visibility into their performance than todays adopted technologies”.  MULTIPEERS removes the transparency and visibility barriers decision makers face by providing an integrated view of multiple data sources via a rich dashboard for the desktop and mobile devices. IT PEERS products allow businesses:

  • to monitor, in real-time, company performance
  • collect transactional feedback on business events, employee communication, etc.
  • improve governance and accountability
  • simply integrate within your current heterogeneous IT infrastructure

“We are very excited to join forces with LSG Solutions and Alan’s team.  They have a great history of success in the area and are exactly the partner for this type of leading edge technology.  Their customers and references attest to the professionalism and capabilities the team offers.  This team along with DATAPEERS and MULTIPEERS products will provide a new and refreshing offering to the companies they serve and new markets in the region”.  Said Jeff Seabloom, SVP, IT PEERS.

About LSG Solutions

LSG Solutions, L.L.C. is a professional services firm specializing in the integration and implementation of technology-focused business solutions centered on ITPEERS, Oracle and Microsoft enterprise software solutions.  LSG Solutions is a Microsoft and Oracle Gold Certified Partner along with a Premium ITPEERS working partnership, serving both public and private sectors.  Besides offering superior IT services, LSG Solutions offers small business software hosting, database remote control and other packaged offerings.  To learn more about LSG Solutions and its new ITPEERS offering, please visit:

Contact Info

Contact Us via email or call Alan Sheppard at (405) 285-2500.