Why Datapeers?

Data needs are ever changing within organizations. In order to test environments or new features for that data, it's necessary to make a copy of the database. This can be problematic, especially with large databases. Not only can the task of copying the database take a large amount of time and manpower, ensuring there is [...]

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Keep your critical data secure during development with Datapeers

Building great applications depends on having access to great data. This is especially true when migrating from a legacy application. If the new application isn’t being built around the same data the old application uses, developers wind up chasing down problems instead of writing code - wasting time and money. Luckily, there’s an easy way [...]

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IT PEERS Welcomes LSG Solutions as Premium Partner in the U.S.

LSG Solutions, L.L.C., a professional services firm specializing in the integration and implementation of technology-focused business solutions, has joined IT PEERS’ sales and delivery channel as a premium partner.  IT PEERS’ products focus on company accountability down to the customer data level.  MULTIPEERS resolves the 10+ year old web issue of passive self-service software solutions that do [...]

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