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Database Remote Control

May 1st, 2006

LSG Solutions’ Database Remote Control service is a continuous review of your Oracle (production) environment with the paramount goal of proactive identification and elimination of factors that tend to result in operational faults.

LSG’s co-founder and owner, Alan Sheppard, has over 10 years of experience of providing offsite, 24x7x365, database support of production environments. It was a natural progression and offering based on LSG’s ongoing penetration into new and even former clients. Sheppard has seen and experienced this service first-hand allowing the client’s DBA(s) to become more productive while taking on high-priority special projects outside of the normal daily and evening routine. Clients can also utilize Remote Control for senior-level coverage while junior DBA’s can be mentored during the service.

Sheppard indicates most clients never realized they could get senior-level coverage for less than their current DBA burdened cost. “They are also in shock when you tell them the service includes version and release upgrades, patching. Most only expect routine monitoring.” Sheppard also points out that the key aspect of this service is proactive, not reactive, services. Every client receives a full backup and recovery plan along with the execution of that plan, emergency recovery, performance monitoring and space monitoring, whether it be in a non-redundant environment. “We also keep your clustering and/or stand-by system in good health otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of paying for the extra software for near real-time failover and or redundancy solutions.”

For further information, please contact our Remote Control sales rep at (405)285.2500.

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