As a managed service provider, LSG works with businesses in a variety of industries to creatively solve problems by drawing upon years of technological expertise. Having IT assistance reliably available, especially for a small business, can mean the difference between a productive week and a week of inoperable systems and unhappy customers.

Not everyone is comfortable outsourcing their IT solutions, though. Here are some fears that keep people from partnering with a managed service provider:

  • Will our technician be available when needed?
  • Are service fees and surcharges going to wreck our budget?
  • Will internal employees feel threatened or unappreciated?
  • Do I want to admit that I need help in this area of my business?
  • If the IT people make money when our system is down, do they have our best interests at heart?

While we at LSG can’t speak for every professional services company out there, we know that our job is to keep you going—to make sure that your systems are operational so that you can do the work you need to grow your business. How will you have time to be an innovator if your time is eaten away by keeping up with the constant progression of technology?

We are in the business of enabling companies to achieve and sustain their annual and long-term growth goals, and we do that in a variety of ways. Our flat-rate pricing ensures that our clients can effectively budget for our services.

We can assist with everything from the simple things that create the dreaded backlog (like collecting data or adding fields to existing forms) to large-scale management of servers and networks (including moving databases to new servers or creating an infrastructure for your business’s software needs).

We wrote a blog post last year explaining how DBA services help business owners. By partnering with us to provide IT solutions, business leaders can choose to hire staff that will increase their bottom line and still rest assured that their online programs will run smoothly.