Data needs are ever changing within organizations. In order to test environments or new features for that data, it’s necessary to make a copy of the database.

This can be problematic, especially with large databases. Not only can the task of copying the database take a large amount of time and manpower, ensuring there is enough storage, both for the actual database and the test copy can be a challenge.

Datapeers was created to resolve these and other issues. Here are just a few of the benefits.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Instead of the headache of purchasing extra data storage, just for testing purposes, Datapeers allows you to copy just what you need, thus reducing storage costs.

This allows needed information to be copied directly from the original database without copying the entire database, which may be several terabytes.

Because it also minimizes the environments deployment times, this saves resources during testing.

Delivers Quality Data

One of the challenges of large databases is inaccuracy when information is copied. Datapeers corrects that issue by only copying the needed information.

This can be especially critical when testing needs to be accomplished with real-time production data. Instead of test information being days or weeks old, fresh data can be used in a subset database environment.

Protects Sensitive Information

Does your organization need to share its sensitive data, which could reveal confidential information in the process, to a third party? Is your organization faced with data protection laws?

The protection of your organization’s sensitive information is paramount, especially during testing or training and development. The use of Datapeers can insure that your company’s test data policies are being enforced.

Fast and Easy to Use

Finally, Datapeers provides a way to simplify the complex. Quit spending large amounts of man-hours year after year securing and prepping sensitive data in non-production database environments.

Datapeers allows the work to be done of the front end, without having to replicate the entire database during the test of every new feature. This drastically reduces testing preparation time.

As the face of data storage and management continues to change, Datapeers seeks to solve the associated problems. Allowing greater efficiency in testing and development generates efficiency in all areas of business, providing a winning solution.