An essential question for IT departments with limited resources is, “Should we hire an employee to handle database administration or outsource it?” If you find yourself asking that very question, the chances are good that your DBA needs are more than you can handle in-house, and you need to outsource it to an expert.

At LSG Solutions, we have decades of experience providing senior-level production support coverage for less than a full-time DBA on a fixed fee basis.

If you’ve ever found yourself delaying or even shelving a project entirely due to inadequate DBA resources, it’s time to outsource. We work with your IT department; we don’t replace them. Our Remote Control service operates with senior, seasoned Oracle DBAs with advanced technical skills who are versed in our Remote Control Protocol.

If you already have an in-house DBA, we can also help with that. Our services free them up to work on implementing new technology that’s more challenging while we take on the job of supporting your existing environments. That also helps with staff retention because your DBA feels more challenged than they would otherwise.

Want to hire someone in-house but worried they wouldn’t have enough experience? There is a risk when your production database environment is supported by a DBA with little or no experience. We can help them support that environment while also mentoring them.

If you hire an experienced DBA to work in-house, you run a risk they’ll become a target of lucrative offers from other firms. Outsourcing your database administration helps you avoid that risk altogether.

When we provide DBA services for our clients, we include the following:

  • Patching
  • Security monitoring
  • Real working backups at various levels
  • Technology upgrades leveraging your database investment
  • 24x7x365 multiple resource coverage for mission-critical databases

That’s only the beginning! Learn more and download our PDF brochure on our Database Remote Control page on our website.

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