Our experience with Oracle and large SQL Server systems has taught us that a production database, if managed correctly, shouldn’t require a full-time administrator. Combine that with the fact that DBA jobs currently exceed the supply of experience and trained personnel, and that’s why we offer a managed services solution called Remote Control.

If you manage to find and hire a qualified DBA, it’s actually a fairly risky endeavor. Because they’re in such high demand, keeping them can be difficult and expensive. If they feel bored or underpaid, they’re fairly easily able to move on to a different job.

On the flip side, your strategy can be to hire someone less experienced and train them. However, while you’re training them, it’s risky to have them managing the production database, as they don’t yet have the expertise to effectively do so. And once you’ve invested the resources in training them, you’re back in the position of employing a qualified DBA that’s in high demand.

By using our Remote Control solution, you let us take care of the problem in a number of ways.

1. Reacting to issues

Of course, you can use monitoring software, and we can help set that. up. However, how do you know what to do when the problem actually happens?

Most drivers know when a light on their dashboard comes on that something needs attention. However, they typically have to take their car into the shop to actually fix it.

Similarly, monitoring packages can notify you about a known problem, but they can’t help you fix it. And they can’t notify you if a new type of problem crops up, either. They also can’t design databases, patch production databases, clone environments to a development server, or help programming staff on optimizing their SQL statements.

2. Keeping DBA’s engaged

One huge problem in retaining DBA’s is keeping them actively engaged so that they don’t get bored and move on to another job.

At LSG Solutions, our DBA’s work with a variety of clients, and on a variety of projects. So the risk of them leaving out of boredom is far, far lower.

3. Concentrate on your core business

Finally, outsourcing or just augmenting DBA personnel allows you and your team to concentrate on improving your core business.

We enable businesses to achieve and sustain their annual and long-term growth goals via our Remote Control managed services .

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