It’s a common scenario – a particular piece of software isn’t working correctly and you have to make a decision. Should you defer the investment and take on the pain of the software not working? Or should you move on? It’s a tough choice but it’s one that all managers will have to make at some point.

“This software is horrible! It never works and when it does it’s slow!”

“Rob, we’re having trouble with that software again!”

“The executive team wants you to look into replacement solutions for that software.”

“That company said their latest release was going to fix our issues but I’m still having problems!”

Do any of those sound like conversations you’ve had with users, co-workers, management and executives?

There are two schools of thought on this. Some companies and people like to buy software and use it until it’s past its usefulness or the company out grows it. Other companies like to switch around software as much as they can. It’s like comparing someone who buys a car and drives it until it dies to someone who leases a new car every 2 years. Neither one is wrong, each person is just doing what they prefer and what they think works for them.

So let’s talk about these two scenarios. One person (the leaser) always has a nice new car with the latest features. However, he’s paying a premium for it. The other person has a paid off car. Yes it might not have the newest bells and whistles and he might need to have the transmission rebuilt, but in the long run, the cost to him is less. Additionally, he can always add some new features by installing aftermarket add-ons to his vehicle.

This is how it goes when you’re deciding what to do with software – should you be the leaser access to better features and new systems which ultimately cost more over the long run? Or, should you be the guy who buys a car and sticks with it, paying for maintenance and larger costs as they come to keep things running.

It’s a tough decision to make and you need to make it often. Just think about all the software you have running – from AP to AR to HR to email to internet and even the SAAS systems – they all need to have decisions made.

Luckily we’re here to help. Please contact LSG at 405-285-2500 to help in your decision making.

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