Some technology providers try to be all things to all people. They say “whatever you need, we can help.” We’re not one of those providers.

We understand what we’re good at and the problems we can help with. We also hate wasting other people’s time (and our own too). So if someone comes to us with a problem that we’re not the best company to help with, we’ll say so, so you can quickly move on to someone who can help. We aren’t right provider for everyone.

Here are three reasons we might not be the right fit for your organization.

1. You just want someone to solve your technology problems

Whenever technology is involved it’s easy to lose track of the end goal – to focus entirely on the technology and ignore the purpose of the technology. There are a lot of solution providers who focus specifically on technology problems and some that are really great at it. You call them, tell them that X is broken and they come in and fix X.

We can certainly do that, but our primary goal is to solve business problems – technology might just be a piece of that. That usually means we’re asking questions you might not be used to from your other providers. “What is it we’re actually trying to accomplish?” being one of the most common questions we ask.

If you’re looking for a software factory that spits out whatever you ask for, no questions asked, we might not be the best fit.

2. You’re not comfortable making investments in technology

If you don’t believe technology can provide value to your business, that might also mean that we’re not the best fit for you.

Great systems matched to specific business needs can make the difference between a business being successful or going bankrupt. Getting to “great systems” requires an investment of both time and money. If you don’t believe in the potential value that technology might provide, you’re probably not going to be comfortable with making those investments.

If you feel that way and do make the leap, you’ll probably wind up hating whatever system is put in place no matter how good it is. You might end up hating us too.

We do our best to make sure our clients are comfortable (even excited), with the solution we’re presenting before moving forward.

3. After you hire us, you don’t want to see us until the project is complete

In the past, a lot of tech sales involved signing a contract and then not seeing the vendor again until the custom software you purchased was completed a year or two later.

If that’s your expectation and you don’t want to be involved with the software that’s being developed for your organization, you may be better off with another provider.

We use agile methodology for our projects, meaning we’re involved with our customers almost everyday while their project is in process. We build software in pieces and deliver it to end users for feedback and use as soon as each piece is written.

Instead of waiting a year to see the impact of their investment the organizations we work with are able to start working in their new software in just a few weeks or months. The rapid feedback loops help us build great software that’s an exact match for what the users need to do their jobs.

Think we may be a good fit?

If none of the above applied to you, that might mean that LSG Solutions is the right company for your project. To find out, get in contact with us and we can talk through your needs and determine if we’re able to help or if you would be better off with someone else. After all, it’s better to find that out early on than six months into a project.

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