If you talk to your development team, you may be surprised to find how little time they actually get to commit to writing code. Meetings and other non-technical tasks are a big part of your developers’ work day.

Some of that can’t be fixed. But thing you can do to help your developers be more productive is take some of the technical burden off them and let them focus on what their best at – writing software.

Don’t assume your developers know everything

Many business owners make the mistake of assuming that their technical staff has knowledge of all the technology in the business. Rarely is this the case.

Most university programs for future programmers cover very little of the underlying technology that programmers rely on. They learn about writing software but usually not much about the infrastructure that software runs on top of.

But once they’re employed they often find themselves responsible for writing code and maintaining the systems that code resides on with unrealistic expectations about their expertise and how much time that maintenance is going to take from their work day.

Let your dev team focus on what they’re great at

Taking the infrastructure burden away from your developers may help them be more productive and write better code because they can be focused on their core skill set. You may be able to re-assign these functions to another area of the business, but it may make more sense to ask for outside help depending on your specific situation.

If that’s the case, we may be able to help.

One-time and on-going assistance

LSG Solutions provides managed application services that are a good fit for many businesses looking to improve their software development.

For one-time projects, like helping with the start of a new development project, we can handle load-balancing, infrastructure stress testing, and initial installs and configuration for web servers and other software. We’ll build the platform so your dev team is freed up to focus on development.

We can also help with on-going maintenance. Instead of dedicating dev team time to maintaining the software environment we offer ongoing maintenance services to handle general administration, optimization, monitoring, and incident response for the software stack and databases your application relies on.

So instead of struggling with problems that may not be in their realm of expertise, your developers can spend more time writing the applications that are core to your business’ success.

If you have questions about our managed application services, please give us a call or e-mail and we can discuss if our solution is the right option for your business.

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