If you’ve used technology in your business for any length of time, you’ve likely felt the pain of computer viruses and malware. You know that a virus on just one PC in your office can wreak all sorts of havoc. The cost of removal is compounded by a loss of productivity for the worker who uses that PC and there’s always potential for a virus to infect other computers on the network.

LSG’s managed services can help.

Most of the time, when we come across infected computers, we find that the antivirus software and operating system are out of date. In many cases, the last updates were months or even years in the past.

Even when a business has a dedicated IT staff, it’s hard to keep on top of updates and stay ahead of viruses and malware without spending significant time and money.

This is where managed services can really help a business stay more secure and productive.

Security as a service

As part of LSG Solutions’ managed services we install virus and malware protection on each PC you sign up with us. A software agent allows us to remotely manage and monitor your PCs’ health to make sure the security software and operating system stay up to date.

If a virus or other malware does get on a PC, our helpdesk team is automatically notified and will begin work on solving the problem. In most cases, we’ll know about the problem before the employee using the computer does.

Instead of paying for expensive software licenses and per-incident virus removal, you pay a low monthly rate for each PC. Here’s a comparison that shows how managed services can save your business money:

Traditional ModelManaged Services
Anti-virus software$35 *Included
Anti-malware software$25 *Included
Virus/Malware removal$125 (Average cost)Included
Total Cost per Year$185$108 ($9 per month)

* Pricing for Vipre Antivirus and Malwarebytes (Amazon.com – Feb 2013)

Even without adding in the support cost of someone having to maintain all the security software on a PC under the traditional model, it’s easy to see that managed services provides a lot of value at a very reasonable cost.

Managing PC security is just one of many benefits of using managed services. If you’d like to learn more, call our office at 405-285-2500 or send us an e-mail at sales@lsgsolutions.com.