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High-grade File Sharing for all business types

January 20th, 2015

Cloud File SharingDo you need a file share and sync solution and for your organization? There are relatively free options available, like Dropbox and Google Drive. While these systems may work for you, they weren't really created with the business user in mind.

That’s where we come in. We’ve got a great new product called Sync247. This business grade file sync and share tool allows your clients and their employees to securely and easily store, access, and share any type of file from any device from any location at any time.

Sync247 offers a desktop interface as well as apps for iOS and Android and a web interface that works on all major browsers.

This is the comprehensive solution that offers productivity by allowing file synchronization across multiple devices; collaboration by file sharing with internal and external teams and also functions as file backup with cloud storage and simple recovery in the event of lost or damaged files.

Sync247 is built for businesses but designed for users. It has multiple layers of security with advanced admin control and permissions. It also has built-in auditing and reporting capability. It comes through with an intuitive and elegant user interface and has hardly any learning curve.

So be more productive - contact us today for more info on this product.

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