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Oracle 12c R2 database available to on-premise

March 10th, 2017

Released in 2013 to all customers (on-premise and cloud / DBaaS), 12c was available for purchase or upgrade for any customer. However, Oracle 12C R2 is Oracle Corporation’s first database release available only to database cloud (DBaaS) customers, in October 2016. In order to boost ‘cloud’ revenues, the Oracle 12c R2 version was no where available to download for supported customers for months.

However, recently Oracle made available, Release 2 of 12C, to the on-premise customer. Linux customers were the first to benefit from the wait while Windows customers were appeased later, in March 2017.


With this new release of 12C, customers can expect:

  • The elimination of downtime with specific features
  • The ability to perform maintenance without taking the system offline
  • Improved performance
  • Improved Multitenant architecture allowing for more databases per virtual or physical server.
  • Further streamlining of space consumption and overhead of indexes
  • The ability to perform simulations with a timeline predictor
  • “Hot cloning” (a copy made without shutting down the source database)
  • Ability to perform simulations for enabled features
  • Ability to split items up across multiple databases, or to offload one thing into multiple databases
  • Increased memory

Moving organizations forward

Oracle understands the demands on business and organizations to do more with less. Their commitment to improved systems allows customers to do just that.

With ever-expanding features, this is a good time to assess your organization’s database and support timeline. It may be time for an upgrade. Though upgrading may seem expensive, when compared to the loss of productivity due to system downtime or inability to access data, the long-term benefit is often well worth the expense.

If you are considering upgrading to Oracle 12C or have general questions about your database, please let us know. We offer a wide range of services to assess what you have and help you plan what you need as your business scales.

Oracle 12c Whitepaper

Transforming Data Management – March 2017

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Oracle ODA X6 and SMB affordability

October 4th, 2016

smb-server-roomSmall and medium businesses have unique database needs. In the past, business owners were priced out of robust appliance applications. But a new option from Oracle is changing that.

This summer, Oracle unveiled a new database appliance specifically for small businesses; the Oracle Database Appliance X6. This is a new version of still-current appliance, the X4 and X5.

The X6 still offers the same ease of set up as Oracle’s other versions. This hardware line is set up as a high availability system, with loads of redundancy. As a 2-server-in-1 option, it allows for a tremendous reduction in downtime. The server is also certified with Standard Edition 2.

Here are a few features that differentiate X6 from the previous versions.

Affordability: The price of X4 and X5 priced out many small and medium businesses. Business owners had to contend with fulfilling a database need in small, affordable increments by paying someone for their time, versus a relatively high cost of buying the X4 or X5 ODA.

Small business savvy: The X6 is specialized for small business. If you’re an SMB and need to run an around-the-clock database system, this is a good choice. It’s meant for people who need to run one database in production on site.

Storage: Buyers should take note that because it’s scaled for small business, X6 has limited storage. This appliance application is geared for organizations whose storage needs won’t grow past 10 terabytes.

Oracle X6 is available in two sizes: 2S (small) and 2M (medium):

 Oracle Database Appliance X6-2SOracle Database Appliance X6-2M
SizeOne rack unit serverOne rack unit server
ProcessorOne 10-core Intel Xeon E5-2630 v4Two 10-core Intel Xeon E5-2630 v4
Memory128 GB expandable to 384 GB256 GB expandable to 768 GB
Networking2x 10GbE SFP+ (fiber) and 2x 10GBase-T (copper) ports2x 10GbE SFP+ (fiber) and 4x 10GBase-T (copper) ports
Storage6.4 TB high performance NVMe flash storage6.4 TB high performance NVMe flash storage
Storage ManagementOracle Auto Storage Management (ASM)Oracle Auto Storage Management (ASM)
Database SE2 or EESE2 or EE

Oracle Database Appliance X6 offers database option accessibility to the small business market like never before. Not sure if this is a good fit for your business? Contact us today, and we will review options with you.

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Small businesses need big solutions

February 2nd, 2016

Small businesses big solutionsAs a managed service provider, LSG works with businesses in a variety of industries to creatively solve problems by drawing upon years of technological expertise. Having IT assistance reliably available, especially for a small business, can mean the difference between a productive week and a week of inoperable systems and unhappy customers.

Not everyone is comfortable outsourcing their IT solutions, though. Here are some fears that keep people from partnering with a managed service provider:

  • Will our technician be available when needed?
  • Are service fees and surcharges going to wreck our budget?
  • Will internal employees feel threatened or unappreciated?
  • Do I want to admit that I need help in this area of my business?
  • If the IT people make money when our system is down, do they have our best interests at heart?

While we at LSG can’t speak for every professional services company out there, we know that our job is to keep you going-to make sure that your systems are operational so that you can do the work you need to grow your business. How will you have time to be an innovator if your time is eaten away by keeping up with the constant progression of technology?

We are in the business of enabling companies to achieve and sustain their annual and long-term growth goals, and we do that in a variety of ways. Our flat-rate pricing ensures that our clients can effectively budget for our services.

We can assist with everything from the simple things that create the dreaded backlog (like collecting data or adding fields to existing forms) to large-scale management of servers and networks (including moving databases to new servers or creating an infrastructure for your business’s software needs).

We wrote a blog post last year explaining how DBA services help business owners. By partnering with us to provide IT solutions, business leaders can choose to hire staff that will increase their bottom line and still rest assured that their online programs will run smoothly.

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How Biz-E Changes SMB IT

January 5th, 2016

Small business IT solutionSmall to medium businesses face particular challenges not seen in large business. One of the most notable is managing IT needs. From data inaccessibility to the changing face of mobile systems, IT demands on organizations can be problematic.

For most SMBs, changing technology along with hiring a dedicated IT employee is simply cost prohibitive. LSG understands the challenge and has developed a solution.

What is Biz-E?

As a way to meet the data needs of small business, we developed Biz-E. Biz-E provides managed computer services for small to medium businesses. Imagine being able to concentrate on your business production instead of spending countless hours on IT problems.

Why Biz-E Works

One of the major benefits of Biz-E is the tight control over IT costs that it gives. Businesses can sign up for a plan that fits their needs, enabling them to plan for fixed IT expenses.

Another benefit is accessibility to talented IT professionals. Stop searching for IT professionals. Biz-E service allows organizations constant IT support from professionals who understand small business needs and timelines.

Biz-E also serves to bridge the divide between data stored in the Cloud and a business’s other office systems. We can provide greater accessibility and interface of stored data. This saves business owners times and resources.

Meeting the Challenge

Maybe you don’t think your business is big enough to warrant managed computer services. Maybe your business is experiencing rapid growth, and you’re unsure of what your future IT needs will be. Whatever the case, LSG Solutions can help you craft a plan to meet your specific needs.

Contact us for more information on Biz-E or any of our other IT services. We stand ready to help you move your business forward.

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A look back

November 3rd, 2015

LSG old websiteIn 2004, the world continued to change at a rapid pace. The Dotcom bubble of the late 90’s had ruptured in 2000. The terrorism on September 11, 2001 and the following recession saw the collapse of numerous tech companies.
Those years proved as preparation for LSG’s founders, Jeff Longwell and Alan Sheppard. Seeing the industry changes and the need for a dependable enterprise-level IT company in Oklahoma, they started LSG Solutions, LLC.

As a young company one of their first hurdles was location. They needed appropriate space, as well as a location with something other than dial up internet. A good combination of high speed internet and location was an issue; therefore, Sheppard built his very own private cloud at his residence with various windows and linux servers. Sheppard indicated, “The excessive white noise was certainly a conversation starter for guests that year!”

The initial plan for a revenue stream fell through and, later, LSG had to participate in the risky public sector bids and proposals system. The business was able to win the bid to develop the Violent Offenders database system for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, due to the Mary Rippy Act. About the same time, due to our previous experience, Oracle Corporation approached LSG about becoming a value-added reseller of software. This enabled the company to begin a track record of success.

In 2008, after disagreement about the company’s goals and continued expansion, Longwell sold his share of the company to Sheppard. Sheppard still continues as the company’s owner, today.

The following years, 2010-2011, were lean years due to the recession. However, with persistence and a continued focus on finding customers that appreciate and respect our talent and services, along with a newfound secret sauce, the company weathered the financials recession storm.

The past few years have led to continued growth and development for LSG Solutions. We believe our success is directly attributed to the trusting relationship with our customers. It is uncommon for clients to utilize LSG Solutions for less than a year. A large majority of our client relationships are long-term; primarily due to the visible and beneficial impact made on these projects.

Currently, LSG Solutions is the only Oklahoma-based organization designated by Oracle Corporation as an Oracle Gold Partner for State and Public Sector entities in the state of Oklahoma. LSG also appears to be the only Oracle-reseller incorporated in Oklahoma.

We are proud of our history, and the hard work that brought us to where we are today. As we look to the future, we are dedicated to continued partnership with our clients and the pursuit of keeping the bar high.

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New features of the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry

August 18th, 2015

Sex offenders mapYou may remember that LSG Solutions has been involved in improving the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry. In order to provide more security and timely accurate information to the public, the site now offers improved features.

Changes in sex offender registration laws are reflected in the information on the site. Also, new features allow law enforcement officers to update sex offender’s information in a timely manner.

For law enforcement officers and personnel, new account approval has been streamlined. Instead of having to call and get approval over the phone, law enforcement personnel can now apply for an account on the website.

A self-service feature also allows law enforcement and correctional facilities to change the status of an offender. For example, if an offender has been released from prison, an officer can change his/her status to show they are now active (upon record approval by the Department of Corrections Sex Offender Unit). This feature gives the public much more timely, up-to-date information.

The biggest overhaul to the system has come as a result of a 2013 court case, Starkey V. Oklahoma Department of Corrections. In that decision, the court said a sex offender’s registration period could not be extended retroactively. Sex offender’s registration period should be consistent with any registration that was required at the time of their conviction.

Since the decision, Oklahoma Department of Corrections began the process of auditing all sex offender files and making corrections where needed. This is an ongoing process, as new sex offenders are added to the registry, and offenders without a lifelong registry requirement are removed.

Also, in the legislative session of 2013, Senate Bill 889 was passed. Now, if an offender does not verify their address within 45 days, the offender will be subjected to additional time on the registry. This closes a major loophole of non-compliant sex offenders considering their neglect previously had no impact on their registration end-date.

All of these changes and upgrades mean more accurate and timely information for the public. Added security means users can search the website from any device and know their information is protected. LSG Solutions is proud to partner on this project with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections to provide factual and vital information to the public.

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Ready for a change, software developers?

July 7th, 2015

Oracle DeveloperAre you ready to make the next move in your career? Maybe you have web development experience and are ready to transition into working with large Oracle database systems. Come join our team of talented and motivated IT professionals, who are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers!

Job duties include:

  • Serve as a technical resource for the LSG Solutions staff
  • Analyze user requirements and define application objectives

LSG Solutions has been helping businesses meet their technology needs since 2004. Known specifically for their quality of delivery, LSG focuses on a full life cycle approach to solving business problems with technology. LSG Solutions provides employees:

  • Competitive salaries with outstanding benefits
  • Continually trains employees for career growth
  • A culture that exceeds customer’s expectations

This is a great opportunity for individuals from any of the following career paths.

  • Intermediate to Senior-level APEX developers
  • Intermediate to Senior-level PL/SQL and Oracle Forms developers
  • Junior to Intermediate level - currently developing Oracle Application Express applications.
  • Intermediate to Senior-level web developers (PHP / Ruby / Python / Javascript / CSS / etc.) wanting to change specializations ... becoming more familiar with the Oracle stack.
  • Powerbuilder & Delphi and even client-server developers wanting to change specializations

This job is based in the Oklahoma City metro area. Interested applicants, please click here to submit an application and resume.

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LSG is keeping Oklahoma safe

April 21st, 2015

Handcuffs on keyboardData is key to preventing criminal activity. Whether it's a background check before hiring teachers that spend all day with children, or looking up someone's information when they get pulled over, early detection relies on data.

We were called in to work on a project with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI). They maintain a database that, in layman's terms, is the master database of all bad people. And the system was old enough that it needed to be modernized.

CCH is the Computerized Criminal History System. By far, it's the most proactive crime prevention system, as well as crime data collection system.

The system is used in Oklahoma when people apply for a handgun license, when they apply for any government or public sector job, when they try to rent an apartment, and in many other situations as well. The system is also utilized when other states request data from Oklahoma. So its impact is huge.

The old system was over twenty years old. It was very complex, with a number of different interfaces. As is the case with many systems that are that old and large, it had grown to the point where there were many band-aids and tourniquets in place for issues that really needed to be fixed the correct way.

The system was cumbersome, slow, and subject to many issues. It wasn't made to handle the stress being placed on it, and was on its last leg.

In preparation for the modernization, the internal team spent over two years researching, documenting, and generally gaining a better understanding of the existing system. The team then put together a prototype so they would know what they needed from their provider.

At that point, our team here at LSG Solutions was brought into the project.

The new system we developed has many advantages. It's built on a modern platform that's far better. It has an Oracle backend, and is easy to integrate with web services and Java applications, utilizing a system that's easily skinned and portable.

There's also a huge improvement in performance. It is typically seven to eight times faster than the old system. This obviously reduces the overall wait time for background checks.

And even though there was a lot of user input on the original prototype, our team at LSG took it to the next level by utilizing our user interface expertise to improve upon that prototype.

While the public doesn't directly interface with the new system, you should be glad to know that your tax dollars have been put to use on modernizing this system, making Oklahoma a safer place for you and your family.

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How we help the public sector

July 15th, 2014

2-publicEven though they face many of the same problems as private institutions, government agencies are often ignored by technology companies. Where the needs are different, commercial products often don't fit – leaving the public sector in a tough spot.

Seeing how much the public sector was under-served, we made a commitment to helping local and state governments get the solutions and attention they need. We're happy to fill the gap and help public agencies make full use of technology.

There are a few areas we specifically focus on to set public agencies up for success.

  1. Even though the public sector is our focus, we pay close attention to the commercial sector and our commercial customers to provide state and local governments with commercial best practice benefits.
  2. We recognize our role as citizens and want government to run as efficiently as possible – providing a high taxpayer return on investment and helping agencies deliver effective social benefits.
  3. Public entities have unique needs. They are often faced with pressure to deliver commercial-quality services with less funding, less time to innovate, and the ever-changing demands from new legislation.
  4. The benefits we provide to public agencies shouldn't stop at the agency's doorstep. Our goal is to benefit both the organization and their customers – the citizens of the state and local community.

For example, we've helped Oklahoma agencies make it easier for citizens and businesses to:

  • Identify criminals and sexual predators living in their neighborhoods.
  • Immunize their children.
  • Register their business in Oklahoma.
  • Purchase worker's comp insurance.
  • Apply for oil, gas and water well drilling permits.
  • Apply or renew for Pharmacy licenses and permits.
  • Apply or renew Agriculture-related licenses and permits.

Those are just a few of the projects we've been involved in and we're always excited when opportunities to improve our state and local community come up.

If you work for an agency that's been struggling to deliver technology-based services that meet both your internal needs and the needs of your citizen customers, please give us a call to see if we're the right company to help you.

You've got a tough set of problems facing you and we'd love the opportunity to help.

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Three things to consider before starting your next government project

November 19th, 2013

Three things to consider before starting your next government projectIf there's one thing that stays constant with technology it's that it's always changing. Right now, state agencies and local governments across Oklahoma are working to modernize their systems to meet the needs of their customers and new compliance requirements. And many are struggling to keep up.

If your agency or government is trying to modernize their systems, be it health or student information or even licensing and permitting, there are some important things to consider that may help bring your project in on-time and within budget.

1. Is the vendor really "turnkey"?

Many vendors who call themselves "turnkey" just want to sell product and walk away, so they'll oversell you on the simplicity and ease of setup of a system. At LSG, we've walked into a number of situations where a government agency has been promised the stars by the vendor and we have to provide the reality check and detail of what it will actually take to get the system in place and matched to the organization's needs.

True turnkey vendors will be there for every step of the process and make sure the system is fully implemented and supported.

2. What does "local" mean?

For some vendors, have a "local" presence means having a phone number on the same continent as you. If that works, great. Unfortunately, it usually doesn't.

For example, LSG Solutions is the only Oklahoma-based service provider approved on the Statewide 116 (ITSW116) Oracle contract. This allows us to sell and service Oracle-based solutions and provide you with great, hands-on support.

3. Do they get the big picture?

If you're working for a massive corporation, servicing thousands of clients, it's hard to dig in and get a good idea of what's really going on. So when a big vendor works on a project they tend to be a little myopic, focusing on only the specific items in the project plan.

As a regional, Oklahoma vendor, we're able to work closely with your organization and figure out how the pieces we're working on fit into the larger plan. We can give you guidance and feedback on how to best fit your new system into all the pre-existing pieces.

So when you're planning your next project, give us a call to see if we might be a good fit.

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