The early bird gets the worm. But the late worm doesn’t get eaten.

Sometimes being first to market isn’t the best option. Think of some of the most famous advances in computing. Who remembers the Xerox Alto, the first computer to use a mouse? Lotus 1-2-3 died to Microsoft early. Ditto CP/M, the progenitor of MS-DOS (which was arguably almost a straight clone).

Being first to market is no guarantee of success. In fact, sometimes it makes it easier for you to fail.

And business intelligence software is only the latest example.

Oracle Analytics Cloud: coming from behind

Amazon’s QuickSight platform was one of the first to really fill the business intelligence role. Given the ubiquity of Amazon Web Services, it rapidly gained market share, and competitors took note. Microsoft, Oracle, Tableau and a host of other companies began developing their own business intelligence platforms.

Oracle’s platform first surfaced in 2019 to high levels of hype, and when it finally debuted the hype proved true. A great business intelligence platform makes data analytics easy and provides capabilities that allow for even more than regular analytics platforms. It lets you send your data to the cloud, collate data sources from both on-site and cloud, automate, integrate and generally put the entire organization’s data at everyone’s fingertips.

Oracle Analytics Cloud did all that.

What sets Oracle Analytics Cloud apart

Oracle Analytics Cloud builds on the experience they already have with their enterprise software to create something that thinks ahead of the business.

Business intelligence software is designed to make data easy to visualize and analyze, but not every platform is easy to use. Oracle built machine learning and natural language processing into Analytics Cloud to make it easier for people to use, from the least tech-savvy to the most.

Oracle’s cloud software is designed to minimize the level of translation between the way people naturally talk and the way that machines think. Clear, quick answers are what it’s designed to provide.

And it paid off. In Forrester’s review of BI platforms, Oracle was one of the top suggestions for enterprise-level business intelligence in the cloud.

Oracle Analytics Cloud is great for any business intelligence application, but it’s especially good if you’re using Oracle products already. LSG Solutions specializes in Oracle database administration and using their range of SaaS products. Contact us today and find out what we can do for your business.

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