While we at LSG Solutions are focused on solutions involving Oracle technology products, we also offer a variety of other services. One area, in particular, includes Microsoft solutions.

Here are just a few of the Microsoft solutions we help with.

Reports and dashboards with Reporting Services

Data is only as good as the reporting capabilities available on a given platform. SQL Server Reporting Services has evolved over the years to handle your organization’s needs. We can help you integrate scalable reporting within web applications, without a dedicated report server, and with zero license cost.

Have existing Excel charts you already use? We’re experts at duplicating those in custom reports.

Data modeling with SQL Server

Because Microsoft SQL Server is widely adopted as an enterprise relational database in the business world, LSG is ready to help you capitalize on the system.

We can provide immediate value to an organization using SQL Server by helping them exploit the internal capabilities of the database engine using schemas, views, functions, and procedures to establish an intelligent repository.

Web development with .NET Framework

We work with clients to help them leverage technologies available through Visual Studios that increase productivity and speed up development timelines. Our team will work with your organization iteratively and incrementally to make the most of your investment in custom software.

We can even help you retain the control you lose when you outsource or even in-source software development by becoming your “local-source” partner for custom .NET database application development.

Our Microsoft solutions team

To assist with these projects and more, our Oklahoma City staff includes SQL Server DBA’s, .NET Architects, and .NET Developers. Our team is ready and willing to help you with Microsoft solutions!

Contact us today to schedule a consultation about your Microsoft solutions needs.

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