Government contracts are always a challenge.

When you’re working with state or local government, procurement can be a pain. There are different avenues you have to work through, multiple rounds of contracts and vendors that need approval.

Thankfully for Oklahoma governmental agencies, LSG Solutions is able to work with government programs and provide services that work with the array of contract options available.

OMES and procurement

The Office of Management and Enterprise Services takes care of property, money, people and technology for state agencies. All of those things lie under the OMES umbrella.

OMES takes care of the general information services for all of the state agencies. Contracts for state services run through it. But with OpenRange, you can look through a centralized resource to find out which companies are available to take care of your IT and IS needs.

You may not be sure which category your product falls under, but if you have questions it’s easy to contact us. Send an email or call us and we’ll help you understand.

Oklahoma purchasing programs

OpenRange was started by Governor Mary Fallin in 2013 and helps state agencies and affiliates find products and services that are available to them. LSG Solutions is an approved supplier on that list, and we provide services for any government agency that needs them.

This shared services initiative simplifies statewide IT services contracts and makes it easier for anyone to find the companies that can fill their needs. LSG is only one of those suppliers but we’d love to have the chance to bid your contract.

If you’re an Oklahoman agency or affiliate you can rely on us for a lot of the services that you might be looking for. We give support, administration, data management, database services, system administration, disaster recovery and more.

We have a longer list of the services we provide here on the OpenRange site, and if you have any questions you can contact our office for more details.

Feel free to talk to us if you have any general procurement questions, too. We know a lot about ITSW1025 purchasing, and if we don’t have the answer we can probably point you to another resource that will.

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