Computer-centric jobs are growing, and they’re growing fast.

Most people might think of computer skills as something that only matters for jobs in the tech sector or IT, but according to studies conducted by Oracle and Burning Glass Technologies these jobs aren’t confined there. Nearly nine in ten jobs requiring IT skills are outside the traditional tech sector. IT isn’t the only thing that needs computers, and as they become part of our everyday lives they’re more and more important for even regular jobs.

Jobs that need IT skills are exploding in non-tech industries. They’re a massive growth opportunity for people that are willing to pick up computer skills.

Top tech jobs include software development, SQL, Java, Python and Linux. If you have some of these skills and work in something outside of traditional tech jobs, you might consider picking up some skills in one of these fields.

Just about every field now includes some level of technology that’s folded into it. You can save your company time and money by having a grounding in coding and databases, and if you work on it on your own time you might be able to even find a better position than you would otherwise. Oracle’s Code Academy training is one of the best possible programs you can use to get ahead of the curve.

For people who are part of the Oracle Institutional program, the Always Free Oracle initiative is a great way to build up an understanding of databases and application development. Oracle Always Free is one of the most robust free database programs you can get, and with its powerful features it’s easy for even a new programmer to build something that’s both functional and attractive.

Oracle Cloud’s free tier allows both teachers and students to learn, build and explore. And for educators who want to teach about this powerful software, Oracle offers programs that give an overview of its capabilities.

Oracle Academy, Oracle Always Free and the Oracle Autonomous Database are powerful tools at the disposal of any individual or institution that wants to build up these tech skills. At LSG Solutions, we’re trained on the ins and outs of Oracle’s database products and we know what it takes to build and maintain a database. Find out what makes us different. Call us or drop us a line via email today and we’ll show you how you can make your business more efficient now.

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