The data challenge

One of the most complex and costly challenges businesses today face are the questions surrounding data. Depending upon the size of the business, data needs may vary. But, no matter the size, organizations accumulate more data sources and the task of interfacing these can still be daunting. Not only is data generated in the course [...]

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Oklahoma government IT purchasing – ITSW1025

IT purchasing has always been a challenge for state and local governments. Juggling multiple contracts and approved vendor lists make it difficult to figure out where to go for the things you need. Fortunately, Oklahoma’s recent CIO consolidation has simplified IT purchasing and made it easier than ever for state and local entities to get [...]

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Information on Demand – Multipeers revolutionizes dashboards to be user-friendly, super-fast

In the fast-paced, breakneck speed of business today, having information on demand is vital, and decisions need to be made quickly and intelligently. However, if you can’t access the real-time look at your company’s business profile or can’t give up-to-the-minute data, you may be missing out. What’s more, business intelligence software can be more expensive [...]

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