Easy data integration – Part 3 of BI Series

For many organizations, it makes a huge difference to be able to see all your data in one location. But creating a custom solution to integrate data from multiple sources can be costly, despite the benefit. In fact, you may have experienced the pain of developing a proprietary system, which ended up costing a lot of man hours, and then may not have even worked as anticipated.

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Information on Demand – Multipeers revolutionizes dashboards to be user-friendly, super-fast

In the fast-paced, breakneck speed of business today, having information on demand is vital, and decisions need to be made quickly and intelligently. However, if you can’t access the real-time look at your company’s business profile or can’t give up-to-the-minute data, you may be missing out. What’s more, business intelligence software can be more expensive [...]

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