LSG Solutions performed business analysis and architecture services at the enterprise level and divisional level for a Time management solution and a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that transpired into a multi-year, multi-million dollar project.

The Time and Leave Module (of LIMS) allows for a modern Time entry and Leave request for Department of Agriculture users. After time or leave is entered into the system by a specific person, the workflow business rules transfer the information to their immediate supervisor’s work list for approval. The Time and Leave System also includes integration with the State of Oklahoma’s PeopleSoft CORE system.

LIMS is a component of a web-based application named TLB. TLB (Time & Leave Entry and Laboratory Information Management System and Billing) is a .NET application developed by LSG Solutions for the Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Division of the State of Oklahoma. LIMS contains multiple modules to support the daily activities of laboratory management. Each module includes its own set of workflow rules that can be defined by Department of Agriculture personnel. LIMS allows the Lab division to easily enter samples and tests into the system. Lab administration users can create different sample, test and service configurations that can be used per division, to help with data entry. Once a sample has been entered by a clerk, the specific information for the tests is assigned to the appropriate users. Each user receives a notification of a test that must be performed against a specific sample within their work list, based on the workflow rules setup by their supervisors. Once a user has completed a test, the test can then be submitted to their supervisor for approval, once all tests for a given sample are approved, they are marked as completed and the LAB clerks are then automatically notified that the sample is ready to be reported and invoiced.