We’ve seen how Oracle XE has changed since the 18c update. It’s now a fully-fledged database, if shackled by some resource limitations compared to the full database solution. But what can Oracle XE do for your business? Do the limitations really make a difference? What will it take to get up and running, and is it workable down the road?

The short answer is yes, Oracle XE can work for your business. And there are quite a few things that make Oracle XE an attractive choice.

A feature-rich package

Oracle XE is a good option for developers, proof of concept projects, evaluations, and database administrators. What makes it really interesting, though, are some of the free features that make it easy to get things up and running quickly.

Low-code app development can run well through Oracle Application Express (APEX) sitting on top of Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) and XE. That allows you to put together an easy app development environment at no extra cost—and you’re not losing out on features. It’s a fully-fledged solution that only takes some elbow grease to set up. There’s even a handy FAQ that can help you do it.

Oracle XE also allows you to develop in multiple APEX environments, which makes it even easier to use the low-code, enterprise-quality APEX suite for your apps.

Database Vault is also usable with XE, allowing you to control access in a way that other tools for Oracle Databases don’t. Data compression, partitioning, data encryption and more are also supported through Database Vault, making it an extremely useful part of XE.

A scalable future

If your business is growing and you think you might outgrow Oracle XE, you’re probably wondering if it’s scalable.

It is—and it’s easier than you think. If you set up your database in Oracle XE, it’s a snap to upgrade to Oracle Database on-premises. It’s also possible to move over to Oracle Database Cloud for the increased support and unlimited storage, and you can use Autonomous Transaction Processing and Autonomous Data Warehouse through Cloud if you want to upgrade. XE is designed to be compatible with other Oracle Database editions, too. Oracle even has a library of data movement tools that make it easy to move from Oracle XE to one of its big brothers.

The biggest thing you need with Oracle XE is a good database administration and management team. Third-party support is a must for products that don’t have built-in Oracle support. But if your business isn’t sure whether to use XE or one of the bigger databases, contact us. You might be able to save some money while still having a fantastic, fully-fledged database system that does everything you need it to do. We’ll help you get set up with the right system for your needs.

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