To make application development faster, easier, and more accessible, Oracle has launched a new service called Oracle APEX Application Development. Also referred to as APEX Service, this low-code option is scalable to fit each developer’s needs, and it comes at a more affordable rate than other solutions.

Oracle APEX Application Development at a glance

Oracle APEX Service is like a WordPress platform for app developers. Instead of provisioning a database and hand-coding the app from scratch, developers can dive right into the actual development process. The service is currently available for a starting price of $358 per month. That includes 1 TB of storage and 1 OCPU and can autoscale for an additional fee, as needed.

APEX Service fits a wide range of users, from citizen developers to experienced professionals. The service runs on an autonomous infrastructure, so developers do not have to worry about deploying their applications.

Oracle APEX Service vs. Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle APEX Application Development Service is a development-focused platform with database tools inside. Autonomous Database is focused on the database itself, with app development tools available within. They provide two different paths to the same possible outcome.

To put this into perspective, think of APEX Service as someone serving you breakfast in bed. You didn’t have to source the food or do the cooking. You get to eat breakfast and start your day. Oracle Autonomous Database is a breakfast meal you made from scratch. It may taste the same as breakfast in bed. You just have to put in a little more work to get there. 

Why low code has high value

The low-code approach that APEX App Development provides is incredibly beneficial. Gone are the days of 5-year development projects. Now, if a development project takes years, it’s rolled out in stages during that time.

Low-code development cuts down on the time it takes to develop an application, the cost associated with the development, and the speed at which changes can be applied. A survey from Oracle showed that development with APEX Service was 38 times faster than with ReactJS (the industry-standard JavaScript development framework), and it required 20 times fewer lines of code.

A simplified coding structure also makes for easier code editing. Many developers find it challenging to work with another creator’s hand-coded application. Thus if changes come about in the future, they take longer than they would with a low-code, property-based structure like the one available with APEX Service.

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